New Windows Helper 2.3.1 now available!
If you have updated your windows Spotify Client to the new black layout, you need the new 2.3.1 windows helper for Remoteless to work. Download it from here! This update will not work with the older gray Spotify Client.
Remoteless for Spotify
Turn your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android into a Spotify remote! Control Spotify on any Mac or Windows PC.
* Play, Pause, Next Song, Previous Song.
* Volume controles.
* Seek in current song.
* Start Spotify on the computer from app.
* Store favorite artists, albums and tracks.
* Start a radio station from app.
* Queue tracks from app.
* Aslo controles Airfoil on computer.
* Search the Spotify library.
* Share on twitter, facebook or via. e-mail.

Spotify Premium features:
* Full Playlist support.
* Starred tracks.
* Coverart in lists.
* Edit playlists on iOS.
Remoteless works wirelessly over you local wifi network, and will autodetect any available computer running the Remoteless Helper.
Spotify Premium users gets full access to their playlists and starred tracks.
"My new favourite app - control Spotify from your phone like Sonos #tidy"
-mrkdggns on twitter (October 2013)
"Spotify remoteless is the worlds greatest invention!"
-JosephRS on twitter
"Lovely when something works, iPhone remote control app for mac playing @spotify with @remotelessapp"
-raskidaski on twitter
"I give Remoteless for Spotify a rating of 10 out 10 stars"
-LarryABall on twitter (July 2013)
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